Our blog is the best place to discover things to do in Scotland, the best places to visit, where to stay, how to travel, what to see, what to do with kids and even free things to do.

Our team at Beaverhall Apartments has a combined 190 years experience of living in Edinburgh and travelling around Scotland!

Russell Steedman has lived in Scotland for many years. After a 5 year spell of living in Australia he returned to his native Edinburgh to open Beaverhall Apartments and he loves helping guests to plan their travel around his beloved home country.

Russell Steedman

Russell Steedman

General Manager
Holiday Homes Scotland

Holiday homes in Scotland are as wide ranging as the beautiful landscapes and colourful people who make up this historic, yet cutting-edge little country ‘up North’.

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Where to Stay in Edinburgh

Where to Stay in Edinburgh is an oft-heard quip by locals and tourists alike. Finding the perfect place to stay in Edinburgh is a puzzle, but a great one! We’ll help you solve it and you’ll soon be living the Edinburgh dream like us! Read more

Places to Stay in Scotland

Places to stay in Scotland can be as far and varied as the imagination can possibly take us. Whatever time of year you visit, and there are those times when this little country can be full to the brim, there’s usually something special enough to suit even the most particular of travellers. Read more