Places to Stay in Scotland

Places to stay in Scotland can be as far and varied as the imagination can possibly take us. Whatever time of year you visit, and there are those times when this little country can be full to the brim, there’s usually something special enough to suit even the most particular of travellers.

First of all, it can be a sound idea to get a general idea of what you’d most like to accomplish on your trip to Scotland. Do you want to go on a grand tour of Scotland? Will you be taking in the most famous sights around this remarkable country in a specific time-frame? Or will you zero in on a favourite location you’ve been intent on seeing for ages?

Whatever your plan is there’s certainly no shortage of splendid places to stay in Scotland.

Perhaps you’d like your own castle for a week?

Or, let’s face it – a comfortable cottage would probably do the trick. Good spots for this include the Borders region (yes, it’s near England) and areas such as Perthshire and all around west coast Scotland.

Or will you go Glamping – a most popular activity for many travellers in the Noughties but still holding its appeal? Obviously you could also try your hand at more low-level (literally or on a budget) camping. Just be sure to check the weather. Have you heard – it can be a tad rainy at times? If you’re considering a glamping adventure we highly recommend reading this informative Camper’s Guide to Glamping.

Are you a city lover? Allow us a moment to shamelessly plug our own suite of stylish Edinburgh apartments. You could, of course rent an entire house for yourself in one of the stunning inner-city areas of Glasgow if you fancy the ‘big city’ experience whilst living it large.

What about staying in a bar? We thought you’d like the sound of that. Seriously though there are many Scottish Inns all around where you’re sure to be greeted with a warm welcome. More importantly though, what could be better than being ‘on-site’ for that all important beer sampling session?

How about working on your holiday so you can stay somewhere for free? Doesn’t actually sound like it would be that much fun though does it? Still, it’s not a bad idea and I personally (don’t worry, I won’t go into too much detail) recall meeting a lively, if peripatetic, Antipodean bar maid who swam off to work on a fish farm. I mean this quite literally after we had a tiff at The Royal Commonwealth Pool one afternoon.

So, that’s a few ideas to go on but can I just remind you again about some very stylish, extremely warm and cosy, highly-rated apartments in Edinburgh?

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