Where to Stay in Edinburgh

Where to Stay in Edinburgh is an oft-heard quip by locals and tourists alike. Finding the perfect place to stay in Edinburgh is a puzzle, but a great one! We’ll help you solve it and you’ll soon be living the Edinburgh dream like us!

First of all it’s worthwhile taking the details of your own particular trip into consideration. Are you going to be spending most of your time in the city centre or perhaps having meetings in one of Edinburgh’s outer-lying business parks?

On the way into the city from Edinburgh Airport there are several hotels such as The DoubleTree and The Novotel which may prove to be ideal for your stay. These hotels are on-route into town, making for easy access along dedicated lanes for buses and taxis.

Closer to town there’s a plethora of accommodation options.

These include B & B’s (mainly concentrated on the South side of the city (around Minto Street). There are more reasonably-priced chain hotels including The Holiday Inn, Premiere Inn and Ibis. For those seeking more grandeur The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa and Edinburgh’s famous Balmoral Hotel offer the ultimate in luxury.

When you’re trying to decide where to stay in Edinburgh you might want to consider booking your own short stay apartment. These could include private, individual residencies. There are also specialist build premises such as our development of Edinburgh apartments in Beaverhall Road, close to Leith.

Whether you wish to stay in the centre or further out in the suburbs will depend on whether you’re on a pleasure trip, working or a combination of both.

So, have you made your decision? Do you know what area you’re going to live in whilst in Edinburgh – will you stay in a budget hotel, regular hotel, upmarket hotel, private residence or apartment building?

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